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Published on: Feb 07 2012 by manasseh


In order to empower ourselves and promote brotherhood, We the brothers of the Brother 2 Brother, embrace the principles of accountability, proactive leadership, self-discipline, and intellectual developmentThrough our beliefs and convictions, we uphold this mission at all times.


The Mission of the Brother to Brother mentoring Program at El Centro College is to encourage academic excellence and success among African-American and Latino-American male students. We further seek to create lasting relationships and support networks by bringing students, staff, faculty and administrators together in a variety of programs and activities.

It is the purpose of this program to help make your dream of studying and graduating come true. We look forward to meeting with you!


  • To increase the number of African American and Latino-American male graduates and certificate completers.
  • To provide African-American and Latino-American male students with an immediate support system to complete their educational goals.
  • To provide African-American  and Latino-American male students with opportunities and experiences to increase communications between and among African-American and Latino-American male students and staff at El Centro College.

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