Published on: Jan 26 2012 by manasseh

Below is a list of the membership criteria for Brother to Brother African-American Male Mentoring Program at El Centro College.

  • Be enrolled in an El Centro College credit class
  • Be willing to devote the time necessary to build a bonded relationship.
  • Be willing to share not only strengths and successes but also failures, brokenness and weaknesses.
  • Be willing to be hones yet affirming with mentors in confronting errors, faults and areas of immaturity.
  • Be committed to working out problems through trials, even trials that are self-inflicted as a result of ignorance or error.
  • Be committed to setting goals for careers, life and not be afraid to dreams.
  • Be willing to objectively evaluate progress toward goals.
  • Be committed to faithfully live out everything that you learn from this experience.
  • Be committed to giving back by becoming mentor.

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