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Charles Sims: “I turned to the Brother to Brother organization for moral support and positive motivation as well as a feeling of welcome and belonging. I am a proud member and encourage others to come join our family and work together. I know that through determination, we can strive for excellence and achieve perfection.”

Cedric Radford III: “It’s nice to have a mentor because not only does your personal mentor give you helping advice, but all the other mentors will lend you a helping hand as well. Getting to know the mentors is fun and also beneficial. They almost become your brothers if you keep that closeness.”

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Leon Lewis: “The brother to brother program has become one of my irreplaceable resources. I am a first -generation college student, and I didn’t know the first thing about coping or dealing with issues associated with pursuing my college diploma. I can’t stress enough hot the brother to brother program provided me a much-needed outlet. I actively promote it to anyone who will listen.”

Kamal Wyatt: “Before I became a member of this program, I wanted a few t March 6, 2009 be a part of a helping community, and above all to understand the world freedom. This program gave me what i wanted. It gave me strength and encouraged me to tell my stories of hope through the expression of my freedoms to all its members.”

Jermain Pipkins: “The African-American mentoring program is an excellent program that inspires, uplifts and encourages not only African-American males, but also the right college.”


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